redbook design stages

All of the garden design services listed below are available from Redbook Garden Design (based in Abingdon), but in many cases they are not all necessary. It all depends on the scale and complexity of the project as to what is required. I will talk this through with you and advise on what I think is best for your needs.

initial site meeting

I'll come and see you, and we can chat over a coffee. At this meeting we will establish a detailed brief for the garden. This is actually a very important meeting and will usually take up to an hour and a half; much of the time will be spent in the garden discussing your requirements for the project. There will be no charge for this meeting unless I have had to travel for many miles.

Following this meeting I will send you a letter to confirm the garden design brief, together with estimates for the survey and the design.

garden design survey

The next stage is the survey; the garden will be photographed and accurately surveyed for positions and outlines of buildings, trees and shrubs, terraces and paths. Soil samples will be analysed if necessary. You will be given a copy of the garden design survey.

garden design plan

This is what you have been waiting for - the brand new design for your garden. It is a scale drawing, and is computer generated which allows for changes as we agree any fine-tuning. The plan is labelled and will show you areas of planting, paving, lawns, pergolas and so on. Accompanying mood boards will have photographs of the suggested products and materials that will be used to provide a feeling for how the finished garden will look.

final plans

After the design and materials have been agreed there may be a requirement for further, more specific drawings. Construction drawings, cross sections and elevations for features such as pergolas, steps and walls; lighting plans, setting out plans and drainage plans can all be provided at this stage. These are the plans from which potential contractors will prepare quotations for the construction of the garden.

planting plan

At this stage I ask you all about your likes and dislikes of plants, colours, styles etc. It is the planting that gives the garden its 'Wow' factor and brings it to life. The planting plan shows you the botanical names of the plants, where they will be located and the numbers required. Only plants that are suitable for the conditions and the location will be used. Again accompanying mood boards will show photographs of all of the plants so that you can visualise them.

tender documents

Tender documents can be prepared and sent with the plans to known and reliable contractors who then quote for the work. These quotations are checked by me before they are submitted to you for approval.

project management

Throughout the build I am available to make site visits to monitor the construction and can answer any queries and questions that you may have.

a clear basic design

'In my view, no garden is complete without a clear basic design. This is the case whether you are working with a pocket handkerchief or a large landscape. Either way, scheme first, plant later' David Hicks designer 1929 - 1998

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